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Default Pavitra Rishta [Episode 361] - 26th October 2010 Written Update

Short update

* sav aai sees an astrologer and he says there will be an obstacle in her life
* jaywant uses his charm to ensure dharmesh still has full faith in him
* SaSha meet manav coincidently and satish tells manav he believes him .. vershu faints and manav finds out vershu is pregnant ... manav is happy for Sasha
* RA tells manju to control the K house because you finance everything
* Jaywant meets manav and tells him everythng he will do to archu
* Maanv tells archu to meet him once for the sake of their love

Long Update

(Archus house ... baba comes home and archu is at home and baba says aai has got on her train ... archu says how is mama mami ? baba says baba is very ill ... baba says life is very unpredictable ... your aai was talking to your mama two days ago and todaye he had a heart attack ... baba says he is worried because whatever happend last night was wrong ... archu says nothing is wrong ... baba says he might be over thinking it but i dont have the courage to believe manav is lying but if he is right then we will have a huge difficulty waiting for us ...

(Manavs chawl ... aai sees an astrologer who reads hands ... aai gets excited and asks him to read her hand ... the astrologer says she is going to get a lot of "Laxmi" in her house ... aai gets excited and tells the guy to come upstairs to half a HALF CUP OF Tea for FREE LOL and a glucose biscuit and some money for your time ... the neighbours say he wont go anywhere because we broguth him here and we will give him some snacks ... aai says she will give him half cup of tea and a glucose biscuit and some moeny ... aai takes the guy upstairs

(Manavs house ... the astrologer is sat down eating one biscuit and a half cup of tea and baab is looking at him wierdly ... aai says to sit down and get you hand checked ... aai goes and sits down instead and the atrologer reads her hand and says aai will get a lot of laxmi and two bungalows ... aai gets excited and asks him how much money will she get and how will she get it ... in gold necklaces or gold biscuits ... dam baab says this is nonsence ... aai tells baba to get the astrologer some more food ... baab brings the food and the astrologer tells aai that there is an obstacle ... nothing special ... but you just have to do a small pooja and after the pooja then everything will be great ... the astrologer asks him shall he go ? aai says yes ... the astrologer waits and asks for a donation ... aai tells him when she gets rich then she will give him moeny then ... the guy leaves and aai is worried about the obstacle coming into her life ...

(Vaishsu house ... dharmesh is working and vaishu brings him some food .. jaywant comes in and dharmesh asks him if he will eat something ? jaywant says no ... i no you trust me and you have no trouble with me but still i am feeling guilty for what happend last night ... dharmehs says he trusts jaywant blindly and i dont trust manav at all .. dont ever think i will suspect you ... jawant says you wont ever suspect me but satish will have suspected me and he would have sided with manav ... i dont know how to prove my innocence ... i want to resign ...


(Vaishus house ... dharmehs says we all know satish is affectionate about manav ... and resigning is not the solution and stop thinking negatively and if there was a little truth in manavs words then i would have fired you straight away and wouldnt let you marry archu ... jayant thinks in his mind that he is thankful that dharmesh is trusting him blindly and how he is feeling guilty for takin advantage of dharmehs but he has to do this for his future ... jaywant leaves and dhamrehs says jaywant is a very capable guy ...

(Car ... SaSha are in the car together ... satish says he wants verhu to listen to what the docotr says and rest for a while ... keep working but stop working at home late at night ... and if you stop working late at night then i will get some sleep ... vershu laughs and tells him to shut up ... vershu says she i work best at night time ... satish says ok but i am just worried for and you and the baby .... vershu says you manage to make every convo about the child ..... satish says he wish he could do something to make vershu believe how much vershu means to him ... vershu smiles at him and satish tells her to stop loking at her otherwise he will get lost in her eyes ... satish notices manav on the street and stops and gets out of the car .. satish says he says sorry for what happend last night and that i believe him ... vershu says can we talk abotu this another time ... satish says its important right now ... vershu is fainting and manav holds her ... satish sees her and puts her in the car ... manav says whats wrong ? satish says vershu is pregnant so thats why she has fainted .. manav is happy and congratualtes satish ... satish says thakns and says he will leave for the hospital ...

(Archus house ... manju is on the phone talking to RA ... manju is telling her how her party got ruined ... RA tells her to forget about this and says i am shocked that you held a party with only you and vinod financing evrything .. RA says you will have no money left !! .. manju says she is helpless in this matter .. RA says you should fight for your rights ... you are financing everything aswell as vinod so you can control everything ... if someone doesnt like something then you tells them to deal with it because ypu paid for it ... manju says ok but what if it will create a drama in my house ??

(Manavs hosue ... jaywant comes to meet him ... jaywant says why did you do this last night ?? you were very dissappointed ... you were shouting and no one believed you ... do you know what your problem is ?? your fate is rubbish ... you try to do the right thing but everything turns sour ... but me i have the best fate ... i might be a scroundral but everything is in my favour ... archu doesnt trust you know more ... when everyone was shouting at you last night then only i was speaking to you politley but you were just acting angry and you kept insulting the karanjkars Son in law ... manav is about to be angry but jaywant tells him to stay calm because its of no use because no one will trust you ... why are you doing all of this ??


(Manavs chawl ... jaywant says the more you try to exploit me the more times i will stop you .. .you will suffer .. manav says are you threatening me ?? jaywant says neither one of us are scared of anything and if we had met under different circumstances then we would have been friends ... but forget this ... lets see whats happens now ... jaywant goes to his car but turns around and says .. wjy dont you listen to my whole truth ... i will take advantage of archu and fufil my ambitions then throw archu out of my house and family by saying she is a bad character ...

Archus house ... archu gets a phone call and its manav ... archu rejects the call but the phone rings again. ... archu picks up and says i dont want to talk to you ... manav says you have to meet me once ... manav says if you have ever loved me then for the sake of our love just meet me once then after that you wont have to meet me ... manav puts the phone down ...


Precap... NO PRECAP
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