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Default Pavitra Rishta [Episode 400] - 22nd December 2010 Written Update

Karanjkar house
Archana: I am not going to give you any calrifications on Manav and anyway you are not that important in my life Vahini that I have to ...
Vinod screams : Archu ...don't forget that she is your Vahini and she is not wrong anyway .
Archana: Tha tis the problem ,you think that she is always right .You used to know about good or bad so how can you say all this for Manav .from the time I have come back to this house you have left no chance to put Manav down .I can see everything but I cannot say anything because of my majboori . But please , don't take my tolerance for granted and don't disgrace the relation that is between us .
Vinod : Archu !!!!!!!
Archana : If you look in the past and see all that was done , it will be clear to you who is the real enemy of this house .
Vinod : Archu
Archu : Why ? Now it hurts because someone said soemthing to your wife and what about me .You are always insulting my husband and blmaing him .
Manav: One minute Archana .....Vinod , you know me for so long and if you think that I could do something like this then I will not say anything .Your dad and my dad are the same for me .I cannot ever do something like this in my dreams .
Vinod ignores what he said and leaves in a huff..
Archana goes in her room in an angry mood and Sulochna signals Manav to go after her .
Archana : Why are you like this Manav ?
Why do yo u take all this .People are insulting you and you are the eldest damaad of this house .You don't have to take this .Maybe you dont get effected with all this blame and disgrace but I cannot take you getting insulted .
Manav : Has anyone ever told you how lovely you look when you are angry ?
Archana gets irritated : Yes , you told me once .
Manav : Well then I want to tell you something else .You look even better when you are happy .
archana: You are trying to evade the issue .
Manav : When you were in my house , my mother was insulting yo uso much .Why were you tolerating all that ? Our tolerance is our biggest strength .As long as we use this strength and stay together we will be very happy , the day I becoem your weakness...
Archana immediately puts her hand on his lips and tells him that he can never be her weakness as he is the person who gives her the strength to fight any situation .
Manohar is watching this touching and sweet scene and he smiles .

Manjusha's room
Manju is very irritated and looking at travel brochures .
Manju to herself : Bappa, why are yo udoing this to me . All my friends are going out for new year but look at me , I am stuck in this dreadful place.Please God , help me to get rid of these people .
Jaywant calls ...
jaywant : How are you vahini? How are things with Manav and Archana .
Manjusha tells him about all that happened with Manav .Jaywant is happy to know and he tells her that if she keeps up this way then he will pay for a foreign trip for her .Manju cannot believe her luck as she gets so excited .

Out in the verandah
Sulochna comes to call Monohar for lunch .
Manohar :Have you ever thought of Manav and Archana ?
Sulochna: what do you mean ?
Manohar : You act like a child sometimes .Manav and Archana are husband and wife .It is their right to be together , to be close and to be intimate just bought Archu here but do you really think that they are getting any privacy .
Sulochna: I never thought of that just slipped my mind completely and you are right .
Manohar : We should send them out somewhere to get that privacy .
Sulochna smiles

In the living room
Manav and Archana are talking to Manohar and Sulochna.
Archana : We are happy here and we don't wan t to go anywhere .
Manav : We are happy , we don't want to go anywhere ( in a very weak and unsure voice LOL )
Sulochna: Look Archu , the way you guys got married , we could not do anything , then we could hardly pamper you both so take this as a gift that we are sending yo uboth on a honeymoon .
Manohar : Beta Manav , you both should go because these moments are precious in life and you will stay with you all your life .Rest is up to you both .
Archana : No baba we will not go anywhere .She leaves the room .Manav too leaves and goes out .They are both highly embarassed and looking down , rubbing their hands ....

Deshmukh house
Lakshni kaki coems to tell savita that she is sending her grandchild to a good school. She says that as it is a very good school the admission is only possible if the authorities there take interview of the parents as well , this makes savita excited as she thinks about Sachu

Manjusha's room
Vinod comes home early as he is not well.Seeing Manju so worried he asks about her .
Manju : Go and ask your Aie and baba.Your sister and brother in law are dancing on our heads and now with our money they are going to go on a honey moon .
Vinod : What ?
Manju : We are working so hard to make every penny .We have desires as well. Whatever we are earning we give in this house and all the time we are compromising . We hardly do soemhing for our children .Should you not talk to your mother .
Vinod : I think so too ...
Sulochna : No need to talk ..Vinod , when will your wife stop making issues out of nothing .Tell me Manju , did we ask you for Manav and Archana's trip .
Manju : No
Sulochna : There, we are not so shameless tha t we will ask you for this .We are sending them with our money .We are breaking our FD and doing this .You go look after your children Vinod , let us look after ours ..

Evening time in the Karanjkar house .
Manohar comes in with the honeymoon tickets and he tells Manav and Archana to sit with him .
Manohar : here are your tickets .Both of you are going to Poona tomorrow and you both will not say anything .If we wait for your yes then along with us both of you will get old as well so I am not giving you a chance to say anything now .
Manav ; baba, why did you have to go through so much trouble .
Manohar : Manav , parents happiness is the happiness of their children .The travel agent did all the running , I only got the tickets .Now if you say No , my money and all my effort will be gone.Now we will not talk about this anymore .Both of you are going .
Manav has a big smile on his face and he is so embarassed that he cannot even look at Archana .Blushing
Manohar has a sweet smile as well.
Sulochna is all embarassed but very happy and looking down ...LOL
Archu goes to her mother .
Archu : You knew about this , didn't you ?
Sulochna nods and smiles .
Archu gets emotional and hugs her mother .Manav looks on happily and then starts looking down again .....LOLLOL
Manju is fuming ........PartyHappy scene indeed .......

Dharmesh's house
Dharmesh is looking very worried and he is walking to and fro ..vasihu is looking at him and she is confused .
Someone calls .
The camera is on the caller .It is a girl , a young pretty girl
Dharmesh goes pale listening to her voice while Vaishali ( totally unaware) .Dharmesh goes out of the room .
Dharmesh : How many times I have to tell you , do not call me at home in this time .

Precap :
Dharesh is telling his mother that he has to go out for a few days and his mother orders him to take Vasihali along ..Dhamresh has no choice but to agree ...
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