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Aamir_aC 07-14-2010 01:03 AM

Pratigya - 13th July 2010 Written Update

Pratigya telling Adarsh that "I will not let my father sacrifice himself for my married life! He has done all this for the happiness of his kids, so now its our responsibility to see that he gets out of the jail! (reminds me of this song - "jhaansi ki raani aayi! bhaag phirangi bhaag!" ROFL) I will search for best lawyer for him!" She then kinda scolds the sleeping saxenas aroung her for being so quiet! (obviously, she gave such a brilliant speech and no applause! LOL bahut nainsaafi hai re! LOL) She says - "fine I will act alone" and Adarsh beta wakes up! LOL He says - I will come! Adarsh comes to his room and Komal is sleeping! (sleeping queen! LOL) She gets up on Adarsh's entry and asks whr is he going? Adarsh says - I have some work, so am going out! Komal wanna know that whr is he going and hence snatches the clothes that aDarsh want to wear! She says that they shd include her in the family matters, and will not give back the clothes till he tells her whr is he going actually? Adarsh tells her that they are going to get a lawyer for his dad! Komal is like - "why? Whts the need of all this nautanki? My dad said na that he will get your dad out of the jail after elections!" Adarsh shouts that - "this is abt law and its not something that your dad keeps in pocket!" Komal shouts from behind - yeah right! Just wait till my dad wins the election! He will get my sasur out in moments! Tongue (So Miss Komal - are you giving us an 'election kinda Promise' or real Promise? LOL Please specify! Tongue)

Krishna comes to the police station to inquire abt why did they put Angad in jail that day? (Krish knows whr to interrogate! Wink) The police inspector informs that - "the action was taken on the complaint of your wife Pratigya! She reported that Angad is troubling her father and family a lot and also he had bad eye on her sister arushi!" Krish asks "then why did you leave Angad so early?" Inspector informs that "we can't keep ppl in the jail for more than one night in this kinda complaint! And I am sure he would have gone back to trouble Professor, and poor Professor - old man, could not have been able to hold back his anger and hence this murder!" Krish asks him - "are you sure that, it was Pratigya only who complained, and not Adarsh or Arushi or Professor?" Inspector says that - "yeah I am sure, it was your wife only, you can see the complaint!" Krish seems hurt and betrayed! Confused

SS is trying to contact Krish, he had employed his Katra Naresh for this purpose! LOL Katra Naresh is trying the number but no one is picking up the phone! SS taunts both his sons - one for being useless, other for being Romeo! ROFL Shakti gets the connection and he handles the phone to dhootilaal! LOL Its Nainaji (tere Naina tere Naina LOL - not my fault, thts wht SP is showing in breaks! Tongue) on the other side! SS asks for Kriya and she informs that Krish left Pratigya here and went, and my kids - Pratigya and Adarsh have gone to hire a lawyer! (See me so happy dhottilaal! Cool My kids are so smart! LOL) Dhottilaal hears this and fumes with anger! Ghantilaal stops him by going tin tin tin tin! LOL SS gains composure - and tells 'tere Naina tere Naina - aka Nainaji' LOL in mild anger tone that - "they shd have asked him for lawyer as he has many connections thr! And its not good thing for bahu's of respected family to indulge in court and police matters! He asks her to send Kriya back soon! 'Tere Naina tere naina' LOL is sad and troubled on hearing dhottilaal's speech! Ouch 'Tere Naina' gets tears in her eyes - as usual! Tongue

Krish has come to meet Guruji and he is hurt! He is expressing his feeling on the fact that the saxenas hid so much from him! Ouch He is telling him that "I may be a bad person but I love Pratigya from heart! Embarrassed I tried to meet all her expectations, I tried my best! (Hamesha Partigwa ko chaha aur chaha kuch bhi nahin! LOL) But wht I felt abt - is that you ppl do not consider me as the member of the family! You hid so much from me!" Guruji tries to act innocent! Krish tells him that - "you know everything! you ppl did not tell me abt Angad troubling you and Pratigya sending him to jail! So much has happened and I was kept aloof! I used to think that I will handle all issues (if any) and will not let you ppl get troubled, but ..... now, hah! Seems like all waste! I am a big fool! Ouch" He is feeling really very very bad! Unhappy He says that - "I feel like the biggest fool of this earth! I used to chant Pratigya Pratigya day n night, and she doesn't even consider me worthy enough to confide all this thing in me!" Ouch And he starts to leave! Guruji tries to stop him but this old man is really very slow! Sleepy He keep saying Krishna Krishna (abe not in Krish's bckgrd music tone! LOL) while Krish leaves! Old man thinks to himself - if Krish is angry on this matter then wht would be his reaction abt the kidnapping thingy! Its good that we did not tell him! (This is why we say - "vinaash kaale viparit buddhi!" LOL I know they process things slowly, but now they are refusing to take inputs too! Dead)

Pratigya and Adarsh at lawyer's place! They introduce themselves as Guruji's kids! Lawyer is Guruji's student and he welcomes them well! They inform him abt Guruji's case! The lawyer kinda agrees to take the case and asks them not to worry! Adarsh asks him to handle the case well as his family is way too troubled! Lawyer assures them! They get happy! (Ohk, I dunno if lawyer is faking or is really ready to help! Confused)

Pratigya comes home and informs 'tere Naina' abt the lawyer taking up their case! she tells that dad will get bail by tomorrow and 'tere naina' is happy! She then informs Pratigya that "her sasur aka SS called and she shd go home now! So shd I send Adasrh or Krish will come to pick you up?" Pratigya says - "Krish was little angry when he left, so I guess he will not come!" Just the Krish enters and says from behind - "you always think wrong abt me! When have you understaood me ever? Has it ever happened that I did not come to drop you here or pick you here? (jeez, how can anyone doubt that? LOL) I think you haven't understood me at all!" 'Tere naina' tries to say - "beta don't misunderstand her! It was getting late and hence I thought that ..........!" Krish stops her and says - yeah you are right! Its way too late (double meaning here! Unhappy) We shd move now!" And Pratigya goes with him! Outside Pratigya asks Krish if he is alright as he is so quiet! Krish gets on his bike! she further asks - "don't you wanna know, wht happened inside!?" Krish is looking hurt and he gives race to his bike motioning Pratigya to just sit! She sits and they leave! Ouch

Kriya on bike ride and their sad romantic song's tune is playing! Krish is getting flashbacks of wht timtimata Jugnu n crying Lucky told him! He further remembers wht the inspector told him! The bckgrd song describes his feelings - he is feeling betrayed, he did everything for her yet in return he got betrayal and refusal! Cry Krish's bike too betrays him in the meanwhile LOL and he kicks it like anything, taking out his anger on the bike! Pratigya is standing thr and seeing his frustration! Confused It starts to rain and Krish takes her to a shade and himself starts to mend the bike! Pratigya asks him to atleast let the rain stop! Krish does not listen! Rain stops and Pratigya comes to Krish and tells him that - "you shd have waited for the rain to stop, that way you wouldn't have got so much drenched!" Krish does not respond and she seems confused! She sits on his bike!

PRECAP - Pratigya is crying in kitchen and Kesar is consoling her! (Seems like Krish scolded Pratigya!) Kesar is expressing her amazement that Krish talked like that to you! Meanwhile Pissiya seems super duper happy seeing Pratigya crying! Kesar tells Pratigya - I dunno if Krish will listen or not, but Iw ill try to talk to him! Amma hears this

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