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farooq.umar07 09-06-2012 11:18 PM

Punar Vivaah 6th September 2012 Written Update
Video Update

Scene 1:
Location:Yash’s house
The episode starts where it left with gayatri turning sympathetic towards arti asking her to spill if she did anything wrong with aman as she would understand as a woman and she knows that she entered into this marriage with hopes and dreams that yash shattered by not being able to detach himself from the past and arpita’s memories.she said that she would stand by her evn if she has committed the lowest sin possible and given in to her desires that night when she was alone with aman but just urges her to confess it and put everybody out of this misery.She also commends her for being so strong and that even her own son does not have that strength.But arti,with folded hands denies having done anything wrong.buaji calls her a lier and demands proof that evn Goddess Sita had to go through fire to prove her innocence.She determinedly says that she is ready to go through anything to prove her guilt free.Buaji keeps gayatri instigating that if she’s right then why has yash been constantly reminding them of her betrayal.Arti motions her to stop and says that the mere afct that she’s talking to them with a brave face is proof of the fact that she’s innocent.She says that she mgiht have committed mistakes but no sin,and that she felt happy when gayatri said that she would support her come what may,then she has to believe her now that she is telling the truth.She says that she understands the importance of her identity as a married woman and she knows how to respect and protect it.But gayatri demands her that how could she believe her after seeing the pics with aman,yash’s anguish and hatred against you.Yash comes in saying that they have to believe her,if not her then him,he says that he would never stoop so low as to doubt her character or her friendship with aman,and he’s a proof of their pure friendship and hence urges everyone to keep this out of their mind that something happened that night between two friends.Arti and gayatri are relieved to hear this.He’s about to leave when arti stops her. She thanks him for aquitting her of the sin as a big favor to her that she would remember all her life but also demands as another favour to know the truth behind yash’s anger towards her as she and the family are sick of trying to remember or analyse what could have gone wrong between them.Yash is reminded of a happy arti enjoying the rain and he says that its better that they both are silent about this as this truth could threaten the foundation of their realtion.they are destined to lead parallel lives that never meet because they are not a couple with a common destination.Arti says that she did not remarry to live parallel lives but to be together as a couple and without knowing her fault,such a life of loneliness is injustice to her.Just like he has the right to be abgry,she too ahs the right to know her mistake.Yash then asks her to stop asking him,and instead look into her own soul and heart to find out her sin and leaves from there.Arti is shocked and says what possible sin could she have committed that she doesnt have an idea or remember anything about.She again pleads gayatri to believe her and even swears on her kids.Vidhi thinks that a mother would never false swear on her kids and also she sees the genuinety in her pain and wonders that arti might be right.

Scene 2:
Location: Arti’s house
Arti’s mother praying to lord ganesha to solve her daughter’s problems in her marital life.Because if that is not done,no parents would even consider to remarry their sons and daughters and the whole institution of remarriage shall become redundant.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti is also praying to lord ganesha that when he came in the house,her father in law stated that he has come to take away all their miseries.but how can he leave tomorrow with his immersion,leaving her all alone behind in this misery.She says that he would have to tell her mistake.she’s willing to do any penance required to win yash back again.She threatens and swears of leaving yash’s life and house to never come back,if she doesnt know her mistakes by tomorrow.

Scene 4:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti is trying to put the kids to sleep by telling them her own story with yash by disguising themselves as the main characters of the story,king and the queen.Almost done with the story,she notices that the kids have already dozed off and she starts thinking about the recent events.She remembers the way yash had been treating ever since they returned to bhopal.Meanwhile yash is also shown thinking something.The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Arti’s father telling her mother that prashant had called.She looks back stunned when ansh says that he knows who prashant is and goes on to say that he’s his father.Arti too is surprised to hear this.

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