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Default Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th August 2012 Written Update

Video Update Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th August 2012 Video Watch Online

adi mistaknly dialed pankhuri's no.
adi says was mistaklnly dialed no.
pankhuri tries to apologise...adi is very rude and says he knows she not responsible but now no more intrest in her or her family as for him mom is most important and says did she reached saftly and keeps phone down...

nana and avantika has a talk and avantika stil dosent has her fill of taking out on she says she will only give them forgivness on 2 condition
1)mama has to ask for forgivness in front of whole town where they are so prestigious people... and now they will know how it feels when your prestig is on red line
2) he has to come to mumbai and ask for the forgivness to whole of the family...

nana is shoked nad says this is not right... and dadaji caled and he promised mamaji will ask for this is not good what you are asking...
but avantika is very firm and says if her this 2 condition is non-aceptable by the guptas then they will be taken to the civil court...a dn nana is more shoked and says this is nto fair to gupta family...but avantika stops him and says no one can change her one

dadaji have a big argument with mamaji who denies complitely ...wont ask for sorry...not at alll...he came back home dosent mean he will do as he is asking...he wont go to mumbai and will not at any cost will ask what that avantika and aditya is asking...and who the hell are they both and what do they think of themself...he is not sorry for what he has done and he wont back out or would ever ask for forgvnesss...dadaji says to mama he has no optiona nd mamaji says he has...he breks all ties from he dosent knwo them
and they dosent know him...and mamaiji is happy...all are shoked...and mamaji says now he going and now tou they are no more his family so they can forget complitely about thinking even in dreams ke he will ever ask for sorry and bfr going says to pankhuri's father...he gave soem money to him for he want it return as soon as posible and again coems back saying with full proper intrest till date...

pankhuri mom ask dadji to fogive her for her bro rudness and the problem this family facing...and its because of her and her elder bro...dadaji says her to stop it as he is not sorry at all to have her as her-daughter-in-law... and mamaji will be still and always will be his son and a fmaily memeber..

pankhuri trying to send adi txt about forgiving..but she is in aweee what to write and how to write...and finaly she sends txt asking for forgivness..and adi is quit iritated and calls her and says to stop sending him txt and asking for sorry..all is over so plzz stop asking and sending tzt to him again and she is here to do her concentrate on it and keeps the phone down

pankhuri standing outside hostel and surpankhan(avantika)arives and says her to coem along with her..pankhuri asks where but she says she is not habituated to lots of q so jsut foloow her and they both in car and here goes more insult for pankhuri

harish is very angry and wants to kill mama if he not pankhuri mama...nana tries to calm him down and says mater is now more owrse as dadaji caled and said GM(mama)complitely denied to say sorry...and now more trouble evrywhere and harish says if they tries again to calm down avantika and then make her understand...adi shouts no ways and his mom is deeply and extremly hurt and harish cant see all this pain in avantika but he can and this time if he tries to say anything to her he will forget he is his son...and nana and harish is having the earth shift from their feet...adi drives away...and nana and harish looking at each other

bell rings and manthra(latka jhatka mom.neha)opens door and says avantika and then latka jhtak appers and says pankhuri tum..and pankhuri is havng shok of her life seeing latka jhatka standing their...

pre-cap --- adi just stops in traffic and sees pankhuri outside a complex and dials latka jhatak no. and asks her what pankhuri doing here...and latka jhatka is lil confused what and how to answer

Cradit: payalibm
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