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Rang Rasiya Rang Rasiya

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Default Rang Rasiya 20th March 2014 Written Update

Video Update Rang Rasiya 20th March 2014 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

Scene 1
rudra sees paro, he is stunned and falls on ground. thakur ask her to come, she falls on ground, rudra holds her hand and whispers to not go he will kill you, she tries to take off her hand but he holds it tightly, paro takes it off and his rudrakash malaa stucks in paro’s hand.
doctor says to chacha we have
doctor says he might have some breathing problem, chacha says he had aasthma prbolme, doc says he has smoke in his lungs and hie situation is critical, its very difficult to save him, chacha sits in tension, h ask samrat to call rudra.
amam comes to rudra and makes him conscious, rudra gets up and ask about paro, paro is with tejawat, he says you did great, paro says i never hurt any aunt and today i hurt him, she touch rudrakash, she says its his, he pushes her and says to be inside car, anybody can see you, paro says i hurt him, how can i, thakur says so what if you didnt then he would have killed me, paro says something is wrong, thakur says sorry i am stressed thats why i shouted on you.

Scene 2
aman says mission was successful, we caught all his men, rudra says that girl, he will kill her, he ask for car keys, aman says you are injured, rudra takes keys and says silly girl, he goes.
thakur takes paro to isolated place, she ask why we are not going to haveli, thakur says bsd must be finding us, they must be on way of birour, this place is save, he sees chilies and says do you know why we crush them? to make them under our control otherwise they can burn our mouth, 1st we take out them from ground, then crush them to show our supremacy on them. thakur says we dont have any enimity with them but its important, he says did bsd asked you to sign on some papers, paor says i know you are right you cant do anything wrong, they are wrong, theses bsd officers killed my family, only i know how i lived there, i was dead but i felt like dying every day, i couldn kill myself, he warned me that he will finish you and birpur, paro has turned her face from tejawat and says ii am so thankful to you that you came saved me like God, tejawat takes out his gun and points at paro, he says i am also thankful to God that he gave me chance to finish this story, it was game written and acted by me, paro now your game is finished, paro turns and is shocked to see gun pointed at her by tejawat.. paro is shocked, she says i didnt say anything to bsd, i didnt sign any papers, he says i know but if i kill you then what, you are already in world, paro says he did that, thakur says he will not come here to save you, i am going to kill you, paro says what, he says you heard it right, till now they must have got guns and money that was to be smuggled, paro says gun smuggling that means rudra was right, you are betrayer, thakur pushes her and says not betrayer,,
paro ask what abut us, my sister nando and all, thakur says in war you have to to compromise, you shoot and can be killed, he says to smile you are doing great sacrifice, paro ask what kind of sacrifice is this,,,
paro says i am asking you my wedding was a lie, he says yes, she ask about groom, he says if wedding is fake then groom is also fake, groom is actually incharge on guns, he sees all smuggling, paro remembers rudra’s words, she if bsd didnt came that day then i would have went to other side of border, thakur says everything woud have done as it was decided, varun would have sold you, paro recalls rudra saying that no girl cameback after going other side of border, she ask about her sister? he says she was also sold, she says that means rudra was helping me, she says you wanted to crush us like these chilies, why you nafrat, he says i wanted you all to be crushed, i wanted you all to be silent and do what i say, she says how this can be right killing people,,,
he says i also feel bad when killing happens, when your parents died, i was sad, she says that means you killed my parents not bsd, he says only uniform was of bsd but men was mine, he says you are asking more questions then your cousin, she says you killed bindi too, he says on your wedding day, she saw guns so i killed her, he says its all sacrifice, she says enough, he says enough, paro throws him away and hides behind sack as rudrakash mala stuck in sack, thakur fires, paro says its rudra’s and saved me, thakur says die with peace, my wife like you very much so i will kill you peacefully, paro says you cant kill me as God is with me, rudra is with me, she throws chilly powder in his eyes. he screams.

PRECAP- thakur’ eyes are itching, he says i will not let you live, i will do that with you that your life will think thousand times before getting another life, paro beats him with iron rod and says to never do this again with any women because we might be less in weight then you but when women resolves to do something then nobody can stop her.
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