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Post Saath Saath - 11th June written update


Ranbir says to Rekha whatever you are doing is not right you will have to pay for this. Liza says to Lajwanti pooja pandith differences I don?t believe in all this

Lajwanti says but I believe in all this Liza Ji.

Liza?s and Abhay?s room

Liza is sitting on the bed thinking of Rekha?s word what she said to the pandith ji Liza get?s up and goes to the wardrobe and puts her clothes in the wardrobe Liza sees her cell and picks it up and phones someone. Liza says oh god help me so that I can take Lajwanti out today.

Uday?s and Lajwanti?s room

Uday is in his room working on his Laptop when Lajwanti comes in the room and says Suno Ji Uday closes his Laptop and says yesterday you were looking scared. Uday asks Lajwanti did u see a bad dream. Lajwanti says haan ji Lajwanti says to Uday i saw a very bad dream last night Lajwanti says to Uday that something has happened to you. Uday says to Lajwanti nothing will happen to me Uday says don't worry about me till i have elders blessings and love nothing will happen to me. Udays and wais bhi i am not going to die so quickly when Uday says this Lajwanti covers Uday's mouth. This background songs play i don't know from which film. Uday and Lajwanti both cutely stare at each other. Lajwanti says to Uday don't say like that Ji i will never let anything happen to you. Uday slowly takes Lajwanti's hand off from his mouth and cutely stares at her with so much love in his eyes for Lajwanti. Lajwanti says to Uday u take a shower i will prepare breakfast for you. Uday goes anf have a shower.

Ranbir's and Rama's room

Rama is fixing the sofa while ranbir is sitting down and thinking about what Rekha said Rama sees that Ranbir is thinking baout something Rama goes to Ranbir and puts her hand on Ranbir's shoulder Ranbir looksup at Rama. Rama asks Ranbir What's the matter Ji Rama says these days why do u look so tense neither do you tell your heart problems and neither do you ever stop thinking. Ranbir says to Rama you woman have work or not u now well all my habbits Rama says to Ranbir what are you worried about Rama says are you worried about Abhay. Ranbir says to Rama only Abhay is not our son Uday is our son too. Ranbir says baas i was worried about Uday. Rama says Uday and Lajwanti are both happy. Rama says why are you so worried about Uday and Lajwanti. Ranbir says to Rama what you see really that can not happen. Ranbir says to Rama i don't know why but i can see the closeness of Uday and Lajwanti relationship changing in distances.

In the Kitchen

Lajwanti is in the kitchen making breakfast where Rekha comes Lanjwanti greets mummi ji. Lajwanti takes blessings from mummi ji. Mummi ji says be happy Lajwanti says mummi ji breakfast is ready i will sereve it right it right now. Rekha says to Lajwanti don't mind Ranbir's bahi's talk. Rekha says he is your uncle Lajwanti says that's fine Mummi ji but whatever he said about you i did not like it. Rekha says to Lajwanti i can understand Lajwanti beta may be Ranbir bhai had a misconception that's why he had thought like that. Rekha says fine mother Anjana will go shopping with Lajwanti and with Liza Rekha says henna Anjana. Anjana says but Mummi ji Rekha says to Anjana no buts. Rekha says to Anjana i am saying u will go shopping with Liza and with Lajwanti and do shopping with them. Anjana says mummi ji right now i don't have money Rekha says take it from me then. but whatever you have to buy buy it Anjana says ok Mummi ji. Grandmother says to Naina tell the driver to get the car out. Naina says to Grandmother driver has go on holiday Rama says mummiji Ranbir will drop Liza and Lajwanti off Rama says kyun ji Ranbir says i will drop them.

At the Shopping Mall

Liza Lajwanti and Anjana are in the Lift all three come out of the lift and go into the bangle shop. Liza says oh god what shall i do now if Anjana Bhabi will stay with us then how will i do that work for which i brought Lajwanti here. Anjana says well what are you both thinking about choose if u like something Anjana says to the shopkeeper pack all this we will be back. All three of them are walking in the shopping mall. Anjana goes off Lajjo is about to go when Liza says Lajwanti then Liza and Lajwanti both go somewhere. Anjana says to Liza and Lajwanti come on Let's go but when she turns around Anjana screams for not seeing Lajwanti and Liza behind her. Anjana asks this woman who are you. this woman says to Anjana are you mad because you are screaming this big mall. Anajana says Shutup to the woman Anajana says to the woman where is Liza the woman who's liza the woman says i am Nisha and the woman says to Anjana you are mad and says move. Anajana says Lajjo Liza Anjana is seraching for Lajjo and Liza. Lajjo and Liza come to this place i don't where. Anjana cell rings it's mummi ji Anjana says hello Rekha says Anjana is everything fine Anjana says nothing is fine mummi ji Anjana says to Rekha i don't where Liza and Lajjo have disappeared i have searched the whole mall and i am tensed. Episode end's on Rehka.

Precap: Rekha says Lajwanti i want to ask you something Lajwanti says ji ask me Rekha says u have not told anyone about the Pandith ji matter.
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