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Default Saraswatichandra 22nd November 2013 Written Update

Video Update Saraswatichandra 22nd November 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*
The Episode starts with Kumud and Kumari coming to Kusum. They try to make Kusum happy. Kumud brings food for Kusum and talks to her. Kusum was about to say that she loves Saras but stops saying Sa…. Kumud says sorry to her and says I went to Pramad so that he does not come here to ruin your happiness. She says forgive me. Kusum says we are angry on them whom we love the most. She hugs Kumud. The sisters cry and hug. Kusum says its court’s hearing tomorrow, are you afraid. They huy Kumud and now you won’t be afraid now, from tomorrow you will be free from every fear. Kumud hugs them and smiles.

The next morning, Danny comes to Saras and says I want to talk to you. Saras says what, tell me. Danny is about to tell him and Kalika enters their house and brings food for them. Saras leaves for the court. Kalika tells Danny I came to help you. Danny says I don’t want your help. Kalika says you were making a mistake, Kusum denied your love, of you told everything to Saras, he would have thought of you as a failed lover. Danny says leave. Kalika smiles. Saras comes to Kumud and asks nervous? She says somewhat. He says but why, you are going to win today, you should trust yourself. we will cross the way together, you won’t go anywhere alone, promise? She says yes, promise, but you also promise me that you won’t take any decision alone, and would ask me. He promises her.

Kumud says remember this. He says one min, and draws a smiley on her hand. She smiles. He says now you are not nervous, right? Danny asks Kalika why did you not go. Kalika says I know about your heart, I want to help you. She says do you know Kusum loves you, make her prove it, make her helpless that she admits her feelings, once she admits it, then you don’t have to explain anyone. Danny thinks about this. Kalika smiles cunningly. She thinks this love is a dangerous thing, everyone is in love with someone, is Pramad also in love….

Vidyachatur and Badimaa wishes everything becomes right today. They leave for the court. Saras says I want to talk to you Kaka. Vidyachatur says first, kets go to the court, else we will be late. Saras says fine. The hearing starts and Kumud keeps her statements. She says my husband Pramad did not regard me as his wife, he told me at the first night that he did not do this marriage by his wish, but I tried, he has abused me mentally and physically. She says she tried to rape me, and one day he tried to burn me alive. She requests the judge to make her free from this marriage. Pramad says Kumud is saying the truth, I don’t want to tell anything in defense.

Saras and everyone are standing outside. Vidyachatur asks Saras not to worry as Kumud passes in every exam. Saras says its not her test, its my exam too. I did a mistake and that has ruined Kumud’s life. Vidyachatur says don’t feel your mistake, I know I got my daughter back and fine because of you. He says you have taken care of her, you don’t forget this. Saras holds his hand and says if Kumud becomes free from Pramad today, then I will make Kumud and your’s dreams true. Saras asks them for Kumud’s hand. Vidyachatur and Badimaa are happy. Vidyachatur happily hugs Saras. Saras is happy and smiles. Kumud tells the judge that she wants to give divorce to Pramad, but Pramad refuses which shocks Kumud.

Kumud says why are you doing this, how much will you hurt me, you are going to die but you did not change. She asks why. Pramad says Kumud is right, I m like this, no one wants to live with me. All her words are true about me. He says I have tried to kill her, he starts coughing and rinks water. Vidyachatur is happy with Saras and says who am I to give you Kumud’s hand, the Lord has made you both for each other. Badimaa says Kumud has bear a lot, don’t leave her alone and don’t hurt her. She says get united such that you both can’t break even if you wish. Saras says I lost my name being away from Kumud, I understood that I m nothing without her. He says I m incomplete without her, he says now she is getting free from all relations and coming to me forever.

Saras says last time, she said yes for marriage when I admitted my love to her, but this time I won’t give her a chance, I will fulfill all rituals. I want to give her a surprise, tell her I went out for some important work. Badimaa smiles. Saras says I will leave now and greets them. Badimaa tells Vidychatur that things will be better for Kumud now. Pramad tells the judge that I cheated Kumud and i m getting its punishment, the doctor says I have three months or three weeks or three days, I don’t deserve you, but my last wish is I want to regret, I want to live my ending life with my wife, to give her respect and to heal her wounds which I gave her.

Guniyal talks to Saras and is happy knowing he wants to marry Kumud. She says I will send Chandrika, she will help you in buying saree for Kumud, we are ready to welcome you, come home soon. Guniyal gets someone’s call and says congrats, I will tell this to everyone. She goes to Kusum and hugs her. She blesses Kusum and says your in laws called and they chose a date for the wedding. She thanks the Lord for giving her two good news. Guniyal asks Chandrika to go to Saras. Pramad asks Kumud for a chance. Kumud says no way, I won’t live with you even for a single day. Vidyachatur and Badimaa hear this. Pramad coughs and Kumud is shocked to see him. Saras buys a ring for Kumud and smiles.

Kumud, Badimaa and Vidyachatur are tensed. Guniyal asks them what happened and why are they so tensed. Saras buys sindoor for Kumud.

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