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Default Sasural Simar Ka 24th July 2013 Written Update

Video Update Sasural Simar Ka 24th July 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

Sid wipes roli’s tears and tucks her in bed and says nothing will happen to u. and he is about to go and roli freaks out again and says being afarid…says she will kill me.. her anger..she will kill me.. and sid says who was she…and roli just cries and hugs sid. and sid says forget all..nothing will happen. if u want to remember..remeber our moments togehter…our future…this is us…roli and sid. ur body guard sid..nothing will happen to u. and she sleeps. and sid thinks…the day i find out who is responsible for the state my roli is in .. i wont leave her.

the girl has family photo in her hand and takes a knife .. shines a light on the photo and stabs mataji pic and cuts her out of the family. the girl says bas…now i cant wait anymore..i m coming to u…to u all. to get answers to my questions. and she throws mataji’s pic away…and she says and first of all i will meet u…the head of the family mataji…and crushes her pic under her shoes.

roli puts her hand prints on the wall. sujata says roli u r going to begin a new life…u r part of this family. and mataji says u have always protected this family…and roli says it was my duty and right to protect the family…and i dont want praise for this…i want ur love and blessing. and mataji blesses her. and mataji tells roli and sid to do aarti.

mataji thnx god for completing her family. she feels we should go to the mandir and masi thinks we have to prepare for mataji bday celebration. someone has to stay home so masi says i will stay home..and karuna also makes and excuse to stay home…and all the male in the family also says i have to go to the office too. sujata says i will come with u in mandir. as mataji leaves…all are happy as they can now prepare for mataji’s bday. roli says it is mataji’s 60th bday and only 2 days left. it should be special and all agree.

mataji and sujata on mandir steps…and talking about the peace they get at the mandir. and mataji gives some money to the poor sitting on the steps..there is a man there watching mataji with his face hidden…and he takes mataji’s purse and runs and that girl runs after him who wanted to meet mataji first (the evil girl who has captured roli). there is a snake bracelt in her hand. Gold one. the girl takes the cycle and pushes it and the man falls down. she take the purse and tells as i told u…push me..and the guy pushes her and she falls on the ground and mataji is scared for the girl.

at home everyone wondering why it is taking time for them to come back home from mandir. prem was about to call mataji and they come home with that girl. and all look at her!! wondering who she is. she comes inside the house. they show a snake bracelt in her hand. all still look at her. and finally her face is revealed slowly. and she is looking at the haveli. rajendar says who is this girl and what happened to her. and mataji says i will says it all but let her sit. and they all sit down. karuna says who is this girl..and mataji says she is jhanvi. and mataji tells simar to go get water. and mataji tells the story. she tells jhanvi to stay at their house until she is all well. and sujata syas u said ur dadi is in hospital so no one is home. so stay here. and jhanvi says no..but mataji and sujata stop her and masi agrees. and finally jhanvi agrees too. mataji tells simar to take jhanvi to guest room. prem watches her go up. jhanvi is looking around and walking behind simar. and is thinking everything is happening as i thought. mataji helped me reach my 1st step.

precap – NONE
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