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Default Sadda Haq - My Life, My Choice 20th January 2014 Written Update

Video Update Sadda Haq - My Life, My Choice 20th January 2014 Video Watch Online

Sanyukta is talking to someone regarding defeating Randhir when he comes there. The lights go off and Sanyukta asks Randhir what happened why is he so surprised he came to find her here she is and tell what will he do now. Randhir holds her and pushes her away. Sanyukta pushes him with equal force. She walks closer says how he can do anything even calculate the time moonlight takes to reach on earth. Sanyukta moves her hands and asks if he can he measure the beauty of moonlight. Both are close and Randhir is at loss of words. Sanyukta pricks Randhir wound smiles and leaves. Randhir wakes up due to sun rays. He thinks how she is not leaving him in his dreams now.

The YSA finalists gets a new letter regarding their final task which is interview where their dressing will also play an important role. Except Randhir rest are thinking what to wear. Vardhan is talking to Renuka who is going to take interview of the finalists.

Sanyukta and Kaustuki are talking about Vidushi how her being poor is her strength with which she gains sympathy. Unknown to them Vidushi has overheard their conversation and gets reminded of her strategy being helpless to gain sympathy decided to use it.

Jignesh dressed up calls Kaustuki who doesn’t want to receive it. Randhir throws Jignesh out of room and locks it from inside. Yoyo and his friends tease Jignesh but he replies back to them and leaves. He goes to canteen where Sanyukta is sitting with Kaustuki but before he approaches them Yoyo screams from behind how his pant zip are open. All laugh at him and he leaves. Jigesnh shares about the same with Randhir.

Professor PKC comes to know about Renuka Sanyal’s visit and decides to do a grand welcome for her. Renuka arrives with Vardhan and Dean to college is angry to see her welcome posters everywhere. She asks PKC to get them removed as noone should know about her presence or she interviewing the participants.

Jignesh is all dressed in formals while Randhir is in his regular clothes. He sees Renuka’s welcome poster and is shocked.

Precap: Renuka asks Sanyukta why she wants to win YSA. She tells how her father thinks she can be a good daughter, wife but she wants to prove herself to him. Renuka asks what if her father tried to get her married against her wishes to which she replies if she can run away from house once she can again. Randhir asks whether he can come in. Renuka addresses him as beta and happily gets up of chair to hug him but he asks if he can take seat.
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